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New Beginnings Board Members

The board of New Beginnings Farm Sanctuary is graced by a group of intelligent, caring creative, and wonderful woman who are deeply dedicated to our mission. Their expertise, passion, and integrity help to propel our nonprofit organization to set a high standard of transparency and care. 


Jennifer Golay

Executive Director

From a young age, Jennifer has had a heart for animals and hated to see any animal (or person) abused or suffering. When she and her family moved to Kentucky, she realized their new property allowed her an opportunity to make a difference rescuing animals that need care and love, while also helping to raise awareness with future generations.


Prior to moving to Kentucky, Jennifer was an elementary school teacher. She and her family have 2 lovable rescue dogs, a quirky rescue cat, and 6 fabulous chickens.


Dr. Marcie Reuer

Board Chair

Marcie Reuer is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Montana State University in the Department of Education.  She has loved the outdoors and rural spaces since she was a child and endeavors to cultivate a love of nature in her Science Education students. Marcie has lived and taught in Canada, Australia and the US. 

NB Shann.jpeg
NB Shann.jpeg

Shannon Karp

Board Secretary

Shannon Karp is a Montana native, now living in the beautiful state of Georgia. She has always loved being outdoors and has a huge love of animals and getting to know new people. She and her husband raised triplets, now 22 years old, and always had family pets for them, knowing how important it is to teach responsibility, compassion, patience and bring joy! 


When asked to be part of the board, it was an absolute yes. She couldn't wait to be part of a team built around helping animals by providing a safe and loving space where they can thrive.


Shannon is a small business owner that prides herself on helping others. She loves getting involved with the community and helping where she can.

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Trice Pruitt

Board Treasurer

Trice Pruitt is a dedicated professional honored to be part of the board. With a passion for animals and a strong commitment to making the world a better place. She finds solace in nature and often seeks opportunities to connect with animals.


Based in the vibrant city of New York, Trice holds a certification as a financial planner. Her comprehensive knowledge in financial planning enables her to contribute effectively to the board's strategic decisions and initiatives.

She firmly believes that through collective efforts and thoughtful action, we can create a more compassionate and sustainable future for all beings.

Jarren Golay

Volunteer Extraordinaire

New Beginnings would not be possible without Jarren volunteering his time and support. He builds fences, builds dwellings specifically for the incoming animals, drives the trailer for pick-up, helps feed and care for all our animals, along with all the other day to day tasks associated with a sanctuary. 

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